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Pedal-powered 'supercar' isn’t the wheel deal

Posted by REPÚBLICA BANANA PEOPLE em maio 10, 2012

Fahrradi Farfall FFX

Feet on the pedals … Fahrradi Farfall FFX – SWNS

THIS Ferrari-inspired “supercar” isn’t likely to pick up any speeding tickets — as it’s actually a converted bicycle.

The creative vehicle is designed to look like the £1million track-only Ferrari FXX, complete with aerodynamic design, low profile, and futuristic gullwing doors. But the eco-friendly ride, called the Fahrradi Farfall FFX, has to be powered by two riders cycling in tandem, using the vehicle’s 11 gears.

And despite swapping the V12 engine for pedal power, the eco-friendly contraption will still cost whoever buys it a staggering £1.2MILLION. The Fahrradi is the creation of Austrian artist Hannes Langwelder, and took over a year to build from start to finish.

Fahrradi Farfall FFX

Pricey … Fahrradi Farfall FFX -SWNS

Thanks to its lightweight plastic tubed body and steel chassis, it weighs in at just 100kg – and can even be driven at night thanks to the vehicle’s 200 ultra-bright LED lights.

The car’s name comes from the German word for bicycle – “fahrrad” – while Farfall stems from the Italian phrase for butterfly, “farfalla”. He previously created a pedal-powered Porsche in 2010, which was driven on TV’s Top Gear by Richard Hammond.

Andrea van der Straeten, a professor of art, described Langeder’s creation as being capable of moving “silently and with the weightless elegance of a butterfly”. The vehicle is now on display as part of a motoring exhibition at the LENTOS Museum of Art in Linz, Austria.


Fahrradi Farfall FFX

Classy chassis … Fahrradi Farfall FFX

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